Regular fundraising continues to be strong from URC Daventry, St. Michael’s at Marden and from Scotland, where there was good success at the Royal Hospital, Gartnavel, Glasgow. There are some good initiatives elsewhere as donations are made in place of Christmas card costs.

Clarence Adoo11th October 2011 – VTT had an information stall at a workshop in the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland given by Clarence Adoo the quadriplegic musician who was a professional trumpeter. Rolf Gelhaar, composer, invented and instrument “Headspace” which Clarence amazingly can play.

Valerie was present at this event and was able to contribute to the discussion. It looks as though there may be a resulting link between the Royal Conservatoire and the Queen Elizabeth Spinal Injuries Unit in Glasgow. Find out more about this amazing musician at

    - A top trumpeter and committed Salvationist whose career was tragically cut short
    - Paralysed from neck down in a road accident
    - Saved from iron lung by strong diaphragm due to his trumpet playing
    - Was declined physiotherapy, but can now move an arm “a miracle”, say doctors.
    - An exceptionally positive and inspirational man who doesn’t complain.

29th October 2011 – The Balmore Coach House near Glasgow have promised a percentage of their profits for that day. Although not the best of weather for business still we will have just over £300 on the day. . A few VTT folk helped to make purchases! Photo to follow

2nd December 2011 – VTT ( or should I say really Margaret !) produced an abundance of Home Baking for a stall run by the One World Shop at our local Psychiatric Hospital, Gartnavel Royal Hospital. With one or two donations we reached again just over £300.

Congratulations to all those involved in the events All this helps to add up to the £100,000 we aim to raise each year. If you have held an event or hope to host one in the coming months then please contact us with the details