The VTT has raised £71,000 towards the care of Rana Plaza victims. This has been through all sorts of groups. Some are from larger groups, such as expatriate Bangladeshis in South Wales, Texas and other countries such as Finland and Australia.

Then there was Akram Khan’s concerts, reported in last months update and donations from two Danish companies working in Bangladesh.

Smaller but in no way less significant are the number of local events, such as an evening at Guildford Cathedral, Church and school groups fundraising and of course the ever popular curry evenings in Marden and Corby. Families and individuals who have visited the Centre also pulled out all the stops – A highly successful walk was organised by the Lamberts and there have been cake and plant sales throughout the country.

VTT would like to say a massive thank all who have contributed, especially in the current economic climate. If you are planning an event or have held one recently, for Rana Plazza or for the general funds then please let us know